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About me

I have been working with Microsoft technologies since 1986, selling TCP/IP for MS-DOS… Currently a Dynamics Architect at Quilter.

Inspired by Matthew Devaney’s Blog my favourite Power Platform blog, I have created this new blog.

Being fed up managing and updating WordPress and I really enjoy writing in Markdown so have created this site with the following technologies:

  • Hugo
    • hugo-theme-cleanwhite
  • Github
  • Azure Static Web Apps

and at no cost saving $$$ £££

I will blog the setup for this as I keep forgetting and need a reminder, which is what most of my posts will be about, my experiences and things I want to remember.

Posts are tagged with a level:

  • Level 100 - No experience is expected with the technology discussed.

  • Level 200 - An understanding of the technology and setting up the technology being discussed is assumed.

  • Level 300 - Expects the reader to have a full understanding of technology discussed. Most posts will be here as there are plenty of resources for beginners, and I want to aim this blog at enterprise class solutions when working at scale.

Current Certifications

M365 Developer Power Platform Developer Power Platform Functional Consultant Power Platform Solution Architect

Previously Held Certifications

M365 Admin MCT MCSE Productivity MCSA Server 2012
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